History of the Society

Ghanshyam Oli Child Welfare Society is a non-governmental organization started by Mr. Ajay in 2015. The organization exclusively works for the welfare of children, women’s and old age people. Mr. Ajay was very driven by the idea of seeing a day when no Indian child would be deprived of their basic rights like survival, participation, protection, and development. Like many of us, he never encouraged or supported the differentiation society does between privileged and underprivileged children. He hates to see children begging and working as laborers. Unlike most of us though, he did something about it. From a very early age, he was actively involved in social welfare services.


It all started with Rs 20 by distributing 10 Parle-G biscuits in the Aliganj area of Lucknow, where he felt that something is needed to be done in order to improve the situation of the underprivileged children. In 2012 while pursuing his B.Sc., he started his own event management organization named “Hearts of Joy”. The organization worked for a total tenure of 3 years. The CSR of the company also talked about the donations to the slums and providing meals to the orphanage homes. This feeling of serving those in need developed to such an extent that he decided to bring the youth together in order to finally start this foundation in August 2015. The journey towards this enormous dream started when he left his footwear’s in 2015 and started walking barefoot throughout the nation since then, he says that it is a source of motivation and connectivity for him and it always rejuvenates the feeling of welfare in him. The organization got the national status in October 2015.


Self-generation of funds by using innovative and creative ideas is the key feature of the organization. At present, in a very short span of 5 years, the organization is serving in total no. of 10 different states and two Union territories with more than 104 cities in the field of education, health and awareness campaigns, development programs and adoptions. More than fourteen thousand km of the barefoot journey around the nation has been done in order to identify the problem of child begging and child labor from the grassroots level. An approx 17,000 sessions dealing with issues like basic rights of people, the importance of education, why say no to child labor and beggars, menstrual hygiene, etc., have been addressed until now.

The organization has reached an approx 3.5 lakhs youth with the “BHEEKH NAHI DENGE” campaign, around 15,000 underprivileged families, ensuring them their basic rights, good health, education, and shelter.